Dear Fellow Food & Wine Lovers - and friends and fans of Legacy Catering and Legacy Events…

I started Legacy Catering in 2009 to offer the people of Northern Ontario a full-service, full-time catering and event company that was all about good times - and great food.

My team and I have had such a spectacular time with our clients and guests and we can look back on these last 7 years with gratitude for the opportunity to serve all of you - and with pride at the new Legacy of hospitality that we knew all of you deserved.

Everyone has their own journey in life - and my own personal path will always be surrounded with great food, wine and service to others.

So I can look towards my future with a renewed spirit, I have decided to close Legacy Catering as of March 2016.

With my new website, my travels, classes and special events, I will be still sharing my love for food, wine and travel with all of you - but just with more purpose and more of ME.

Legacy Catering is just one part of my very-busy career but it will always be one of my most important…because it allowed me to meet - and SERVE all of you.

I look forward to what the future holds - and thank all of you for your support and love.

Please join me in a toast - to Legacy Catering - Cheers!

Deliciously yours,